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TimeForge is a monthly subscription service, and you can upgrade/downgrade or cancel your plan at anytime. There are no set-up or cancellation fees. If TimeForge is not for your company, simply don't convert your account after the trial period (it will automatically be disabled) or cancel your account during your trial. Use a Web + POS TimeForge plan to interface TimeForge with one of our supported Point of Sale systems, or use a TimeForge Web plan to be up and running fast.

Background Screening

RSI is a full service background screening and drug testing firm, who is one of only 58 companies in the entire U.S. to be Nationally Accredited by the NAPBS. We serve clients in all industries, nationally and internationally and pride ourselves on the best quality data, unmatched compliance expertise and superior customer service.

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Web + POS
TimeForge Max

Each User is $3.45/month

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  • All of the features of Attendance, Scheduling, and Human Resources.
  • Manage attendance (time punches) and work schedules at one or more locations
  • Enforce your labor schedule, stopping early clock-ins and late clock-outs
  • Automatically email and text message staff members of upcoming shifts
  • Fast AutoScheduler™ builds schedules quickly so you can go home early
  • Approve payroll and export to a payroll provider of your choice
  • Labor forecasting and sales forecasting ensure correct staffing levels
  • Track staff certifications and run more than 60 labor reports!
  • Labor Management including the kitchen sink!
TimeForge Scheduling

Each User is $1.00/month

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  • Employee Scheduling and staff communication done right
  • AutoScheduler™ builds schedules in seconds so you can go home early
  • Automatic daily schedule emails and text messages for staff members
  • Staff member availability and time off requests stop staff confusion
  • Employee access through the web, Facebook, smartphones, and more!
TimeForge Attendance

Each User is $1.95/month

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  • Attendance Tracking and employee timecard software done right
  • Record clock in and clock out times, tips, and mileage
  • Export payroll to supported 3rd-party payroll solutions with a single click
  • Monitor who is clocked in using the web, Facebook, or a smartphone
TimeForge Human Resources

Each User is $1.00/month

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  • Human Resources and staff tracking done the right way
  • Online HR database to track staff demographics and important information.
  • Track ongoing certifications and required training for staff members.
  • Upload any important document, including onboarding, pre-hire, and other docs.
  • Multiple staff reports and reminders using the TimeForge Daily Log.
TimeForge Scheduling Lite

Each User is $0.00/month

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How Much Is This?

TimeForge is totally free for the first 10-days, so give it a try. After that, TimeForge costs less than a monthly cell phone bill. You'll be amazed by all of the powerful labor management features.

No Credit Card Required. No Contracts.

If you like what you see at the end of the trial, upgrade your account for one low rate.

"Any business that needs to have a flexible scheduling system shouldn't go another month without TimeForge."

Michael @ Tiara Cafe

Who Uses TimeForge?

Frequently Asked Questions about TimeForge

How long is the free trial?
The free trial is a 10-day trial. You may use the software as much as you like for 10 days.

Do I have to sign a contract?
No. Every plan is month-to-month, no contracts ever!

I can't find the package that is right for me.
No problem - you can build your own. Choose the package closest to what you would like. Then, send an email to bounce@timeforge.com and advise us of your requirements. We can quote you a custom price.

Can I cancel at anytime?
Yes. You can cancel anytime from within your TimeForge account.

How do I upgrade my account?
TimeForge plans are designed to grow with your business. Choose the Basic plan now, upgrade to Max when you are ready. If you already have a TimeForge account, log in to your account and choose "Payment Options" from the "Setup" tab at any time.

Is support an additional cost?
No. All support costs - phone, email, and fax are included in the price. Onsite training may incur additional fees.

How much do software upgrades cost?
Nothing. All software updates, upgrades, and new versions are part of the pricing.

Do deleted or terminated employees count toward my total?
No. Once an employee is deleted or terminated, the employee does not count toward your monthly total.

How does TimeForge handle turnover in calculating pricing?
TimeForge pricing considers the number of employees actively available to be scheduled, not the individual employees who are going to be scheduled. Assuming that "Sally" is on the schedule, and is terminated and replaced by a new hire, "Bob", there will be no change to the monthly pricing. The same number of employees are available to be scheduled.

Which Payroll Providers are Supported?
TimeForge currently supports a number of payroll providers, including SurePayroll, CompuPay, QuickBooks, Heartland Payment Systems, ADP, Paychex, FMS, and others.

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